Meet our brand ambassadors

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Meet our brand ambassadors

It’s finally time to meet our Summer brand ambassadors 🌼 Here is a little introduction to get to know them better and don’t forget to follow them and check out their profiles for promo code 💖

🐩 Milou @tinytrickdog
Tiny but mighty, that’s Milou, my little companion. Not only is she always up for fun, whether in front of the camera or while traveling, but she also loves to relax (preferably on a human ;)). Milou is a fine food lover. She is picky, but for a reason: she only eats the best! She is also a rain hater and prefers to sunbath.

🐩 Milky and Sasha @milky_and_sasha
Lana created this account to share pieces of Milky and Sasha’s lives with other dog lovers like you. She tries to take beautiful photos of their daily lives, walks, and adventures. Milky and Sasha are Samoyed sisters (no, they’re not male despite what you might think!), and they are winter fans, especially when it comes to snow.

🐩 Polo @thepoodle.polo
Polo is a red mini poodle who is always ready to jump in the car and go for the next adventure, wherever it takes him. As a little adventurer, he likes to explore nature. That’s not all - he is also a fetch enthusiast!

I also wanted to thank everyone who applies to our brand ambassadors program. Please, don’t hesitate to apply again next time. How to apply? Simply follow us on Instagram and keep an eye on our posts.

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